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Social media, especially Facebook, currently performs an essential role in the instant distribution of news and community updates to the public, improving communication and acting as in important resource for any business, and anyone looking for news about their community.

The Fairfax County Community Facebook Page is no exception. This community resource for Fairfax County news provides links to “Coming Soon” and “For Sale” real estate listings in the Fairfax area through Will Rogers Homes, as well as links to articles that help improve your real estate knowledge, such as “Top 6 Mortgage Mistakes” or “How To Negotiate a Deal With Your Contractor.” The Fairfax County Community Page also provides information about open houses in the area, complete with pictures and direct links, making this page a quick and easy way to get local real estate information.

This page can also be used as a resource for brokers because it provides links to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings, an important resource with information about local area neighborhoods and schools, and Will Rodgers Homes, both of which provide information about multiple listings as well as Fairfax County community news and neighborhood information.

In addition to real estate information, the Fairfax County Community Page is also a resource for interesting and beautiful home and business architecture and design inspiration, helping potential buyers to decide what they are looking for in a home, in order that they can be better assisted in finding the perfect home and neighborhood. With weekly posts about organizing tips, beautiful pictures of unique homes and beautiful locations, and important community news, the Fairfax County Community Page is a useful resource on many different levels and can be used by anyone who wants continuous information about real estate and the Fairfax County community.


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